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Face reading guide. Basics, tips and secrets.

The narrower the space, less likely it is that such people can take jokes upon themselves or of any kind and are of a more disposition by nature. Here the eyeballs of the person will give us the information. See the color of the eyeball.

The deeper or intense the color is, more attractive the person is or people get more attracted to such people easily. That is the reason, in practical life, sometimes we see that an ordinary person attracts more people than a beautiful one. Experience: 15 Years.

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The face reader in London will accurately tell every minute detail about the person of every age. Astrologer Varma a highly reputed Face reader in London will tell about the events that happen in future and the exact personality of the person. Face Reading basically is dependent on the Appearance and Shape of the individual which helps face reader in UK to interpret and predict the facts and events.

Face Reading: The Best Faces For 12222

But the million dollar question for you is where to find such a reader who can accurately read face astrologically? You have already got the answer by reaching out to Astrologer Varma which happens to be one of the best face readers around and has helped numerous clients with high quality face reading services.

Learn Face Reading 👃 -NOSE Physiognomy - Hindi With Subtitles

Your search comes to an end by reaching out to this eminent and learned astrologer and services offered. If you are a person facing any of these problems mentioned above, you can get the right suggestion. Ravi Varma, as he is fondly known by his disciples, is established in the United Kingdom and can be I was having lots of problems with my Boyfriend of 2 years.

Face Reading Expert Astrologer in London UK, Face Reading Services

Of great importance, it is applicable to many occasions like blind date, job interview, making friends and business negotiation, and can prevent some wrong decisions. However, physiognomy is quite complicated and difficult to master. Following are some basic knowledge and techniques of face reading for you to get started and you can learn the general characteristics of someone once you master the knowledge although it may not be exactly accurate. Ears show whether you have good luck. The outer is the helix while the inner is auricular.

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The complete, well-defined, big and thick ears which cling to the afterbrain, are higher than the eyebrows at the highest point and have the bigger earlobes are the best. Three proportions refer to the three parts of your face being divided horizontally. To learn detailed meanings of each section, please click Three Face Proportions. When it comes to face reading, every facial part suggests your luck at certain age point.

Then, how to decide the luck at a certain age through face reading?


First of all, you need to know the age point of each part. Here is a face with 99 numbers written on it. The number on face means the age. Read The Face and Its Age Points to find out in which ages you will be doing well and in which ages doing badly. Twelve Houses, also 12 sections or 12 palaces, refer to the 12 basic parts in face reading.