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Taurus: Your daily horoscope - October 09

You tend not to prioritize one over the other hence your undying commitment and determination. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. As per the Taurus love horoscope, since you are focusing on career this month, you will tend to neglect family. Hence, there will be family strife that will only be cured by you ensuring that everyone is happy. This includes Taurus children and your partner or spouse.

The Month Ahead for Taurus

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Taurus pregnancy is not a priority in your marriage this month, and singles will find it hard to get into relationships at social or professional gatherings.

Taurus Dates of Birth

The Taurus compatibility predicts that after the 23 rd of this month relationships will go back to course, and everything will once again be okay. According to the Taurus January monthly horoscope predictions , the affairs of your family will not be smooth this month. There will be a lot of arguments between the elders and you.

It is upon you to act like the big man or woman in the house. Ensure that you do not confront the elders instead bring them to the table. Reach a compromise that will bring back peace and harmony into the family. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The January Taurus horoscope predictions reveal that your health will be excellent this month, but precautions need be taken to avoid minor sicknesses from getting into your system.

Your immune system this month will be a hero because it will be superb. Test Now!

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Based on the Taurus horoscope , much of your focus will be on your professional development this month. If Cancer kitties are not feeling like their love for you is reciprocated, however, they may become reclusive and uncommunicative. The sign of Leo is represented by a lion, and Leo kitties definitely think that is exactly what they are.

Larger than life, expressive, and a bit dramatic at points, Leo cats love to be the center of attention.

Taurus Tomorrow

Cats born under the Leo zodiac sign are very entertaining, so there is no doubt your Leo kitty is great at making you crack up by fighting their reflection in the mirror or hunting dust bunnies. They always keeps every grain of sand in the litter box.

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  • They are perfectionists. Virgo cats are hardworking and not big fans of laziness, which makes them excellent mousers. Represented by the scales, Libra cats are all about balance in their lives.

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    Libra kitties need their relationships to be balanced; if they are snuggling you often, they expect that love to be reciprocated! Libra cats also blossom and are suited best to have another cat in the home with them. They may start projects and not finish them. Remember that half eaten catnip toy? They will get to that again later. They can be intense in good ways: Scorpio felines are fiercely loyal and thrive on deep, meaningful, forever types of relationships.

    Taurus Daily Horoscope

    They can also be intense in not so great ways, such as being possessive. They can also be a bit vengeful and may tear up your favorite sweater if you are out too long. Yes, some of these traits can be intimidating, but their deep desire for intimacy and love make them incredible companions. Is your cat an inquisitive daydreamer who can stare out the window at seemingly nothing for hours? Sounds like a Sagittarius kitty. Sagittarius cats are known for having their heads in the clouds, dreaming of travel and expansion. Because of this, they can be a bit tactless and argumentative if you do not agree with them.

    Their overall positive and encouraging attitudes outweigh any possible negatives of having a Sag Cat. Capricorn cats are nothing if not ambitious.

    This means when a Capri-cat has a goal in mind, such as finally catching that infuriating little red dot , they will not stop until they have accomplished the task. Capricorn kitties are super competitive, as well, which makes them playful and sometimes risk takers. While their goal-oriented, holier-than-thou attitudes can be a bit overbearing at points, their ambition and love of all good is inspiring and a welcome presence to any kitty household. If your cat is a bit quirky and a tad rebellious, chances are your cat is an Aquarius. Aquarius kitties value their freedom and can be a bit aloof, making them prone to getting a bit lost.