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Girolamo Cardano

In all, Cardano worked up about facial figures, each associated with astrological signs and qualities of temperament and character. He declared that one could tell by the lines on her face which woman is an adulteress and which has a hatred of any lewdness. Long, straight furrows indicate nobility of character.

He claimed to be able to tell the generous from the trickster by their distinct lines and noted that having three curved furrows on the forehead proves one is a dissolute simpleton. The strongest feature of metoposcopy is that it is a non-invasive method of quickly assessing character.

The Book of My Life

Its weakest features are that it has no scientific merit, although it can be easily verified by confirmation bias, and it is very cumbersome to have over character traits to consider. Italian physician, mathematician and astrologer Gerolamo Cardano, or Jerome Cardan who helped create modern algebra and invented the universal joint.

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Science Quotes by Girolamo Cardano 3 quotes. Geralmo Cardano source. Quinquies exscriptus, maneat tot millibus annis.

Jerome Cardano: The Quantum Astrologer (December 2017)

I wrote it out five times, may it last the same number of millennia. By these pleasures it is permitted to relax the mind with play, in turmoils of the mind, or when our labors are light, or in great tension, or as a method of passing the time. A reliable witness is Cicero, when he says De Oratore , 2 : 'men who are accustomed to hard daily toil, when by reason of the weather they are kept from their work, betake themselves to playing with a ball, or with knucklebones or with dice, or they may also contrive for themselves some new game at their leisure.

Birth Chart: Girolamo Cardano (Libra)

The Book of Games of Chance , final sentences, trans. Sydney Henry Gould. To throw in a fair game at Hazards only three-spots, when something great is at stake, or some business is the hazard, is a natural occurrence and deserves to be so deemed; and even when they come up the same way for a second time if the throw be repeated. If the third and fourth plays are the same, surely there is occasion for suspicion on the part of a prudent man.

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